Pathfinder Advancement: Map Reading

Agricor Community Center.  Letlhakaneng, North West Province.  South Africa.

March 2013.

The South African Scouting Scout Badge book indicates the following map reading requirements for attainment of the Pathfinder Rank:


a) Be able to orientate a map using a compass or natural features.
b) Explain the relationship between True North and Magnetic North.
c) Make a simple compass, including a rose marked with 16 points, and use it to find
magnetic north.”

My Patrol Leaders (Gomolemo Baloyi, Thabo Mosupye, and Tumelo Katane) and their Assistant Patrol Leaders (Tshiamo Malema, Basetsana Makwati, and Lucky Paile) learned: (1) how to create a simple compass using a sewing needle, a magnet, a piece of cork, and a cup of water and use this compass; (2) how to use this compass to deduce magnetic north and the sixteen cardinal directions; (3) and how to use a compass to orient a 1:50,000 map, accounting for magnetic declination.


One response to “Pathfinder Advancement: Map Reading

  1. eix i really miss those days. thanks Howell for insipiring me by the way its Thabo Mosupye one of your patrol leaders ( Eagles reporting)♥♥♥♥♥

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