A Short Update

As many may have guessed, I have completed my Peace Corps service in South Africa and have returned Stateside.  My two years in South Africa comprised an incredible experience in so many ways.  It was incredibly demanding, incredibly rewarding, and incredibly educational.  I never anticipating that leaving Letlhakaneng would be so difficult.  I reckon I just didn’t expect to experience so much love – but I guess that love  always takes you by surprise.

The work I publish at 200 North Thompson St is reflective rather than reactive: 200 North Thompson St is not a “what-I-had-for-breakfast” blog.  I want to share my experiences responsibly and in a way that honors the crafts of writing and photography.  I have hundreds of photos to edit and organize and dozens of stories in mind to write.  They say that a good writer shows rather than tells, but nothing replaces experiencing it for yourself.  So, stay tuned: in the weeks and months to come, I will be publishing some of these photos and stories to 200 North Thompson St.  Or, call me up – 404 317 4970 – and we can swap stories over a couple of beers.


One response to “A Short Update

  1. Howell, I look forward to reading what is bubbling up in your head and viewing your incredible photographs. Have enjoyed seeing South Africa through your lens and beautiful writing. Was so good to see you in Atlanta!

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