Cape Town (Reprise)

Cape Town and surrounding Area, Western Cape province.  South Africa.

December 2012.

In December I returned to Cape Town with my parents. I fell in love with the Mother City’s lively atmosphere and beautiful wilderness when I traveled there with my brother the last June. Nestled between the imposing massif of Table Mountain and the rich waters of the Atlantic-Indian Ocean confluence, Cape Town and its suburbs are lively and diverse. The city also sits at the confluence of black, Malay, English, and Dutch cultures – a confluence that has formed today’s Coloured people and their culture. With Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope, excellent restaurants, the Stellenbosch wine country, and a number of politically and historically important sites like District 6 (a formerly diverse community that was leveled in the 60s during the ravages of apartheid) and Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela and many other freedom fighters were imprisoned during the apartheid regime), art galleries, and clubs, Cape Town caters to all manner of interests.


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