Seroke General Dealer.  Letlhakaneng, North West Province.  South Africa.July 2012.Lesego and Kamogelo enjoy each others' company on an afternoon in late afternoon.

Seroke General Dealer. Letlhakaneng, North West Province. South Africa.

July 2012.

Lesego (18 at time of photo) and Kamogelo (17 at time of photo) enjoy each others’ company on an warm afternoon in late winter.  Lesego graduated from high school last year and is currently taking physics classes at a college in Ga-Rankuwa, preparing for entry into medical school.  Kamogelo was one of my grade 7 maths students last year.


4 responses to “Dichomi

  1. Grades in South Africa correspond almost exactly to grades in the United States – there is grade R (kindergarten) followed by seven years of primary school and 5 years of secondary school. However, there’s not a lot of infrastructure to support kids on the margins of the education system, meaning you get lots of kids like Kamogelo – seventeen years old and still in grade 7.

  2. It is still hard for me to imagine 17 year olds in your 7th grade class. What could 2 boys so far apart in the educational system have in common?

    • Most 17 year old boys are little interested in school as it is, regardless of how well they do there. I imagine they relate to each other much the same way any two 17 year old boys relate to each other, which has very little to do with algebra and Shakespeare.

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