Hendrick Phalwane

Reedview, North West Province. South Africa.
December 2011.

Mr. Phalwane, the ward councillor for Reedview and a handful of neighboring villages. With a keen understanding of Reedview’s needs and a willingness to work towards a common vision for addressing these needs, Phalwane has become a valuable counterpart within the community. Conveniently, getting to his house is as easy as walking through my neighbor’s backyard.


2 responses to “Hendrick Phalwane

  1. He looks like a very pleasant man. Is he the person that you have spoken about and have been working with on the afterschool program?

    • Phalwane is a great guy. Our impromptu conversations are a highlight of my day. An intelligent guy, and even-keeled. He and I have been working ever more closely towards seeing the project through; he is probably my most important counterpart for the project.

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