James Higby

August 2011 / Makapanstad, North West Province / South Africa

Though James Higby hails from upstate New York, he plays guitar like he’s from the hills of Carolina. I worked with him to learn Dixie, among other favorites.


2 responses to “James Higby

  1. Howell:
    David Higby here – the guitar player in this picture is my son James. I write to tell you that I have two friends whose backgrounds resemble yours somewhat. I am the Dir. of Federal Government Relations for the Nature Conservancy in New York. My good friend Tom Cors performs this same function for our North Carolina Chapter. Tom and his wife MaryFaith Mount-Cors are Davidson graduates who also served the Peace Corps in Africa. MaryFaith just earned her PhD – I believe in Anthropology – which seems to be an interest of yours. Drop me a line, perhaps you’d like to connect with these folks, if you haven’t already. Regards, David Higby dhigby@tnc.org

    • Mr. Higby,

      Thank you so much for getting in touch! I will definitely be dropping you a line for your advice regarding your colleagues who graduated from Davidson College. You as well may be able to provide some good advice: I am fascinated by the conflict of human development and environmental conservation. Stay well, and look for an email from me.

      stay well,
      Howell Burke

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