Photo Challenge

Last month I challenged my friend, one-time colleague in outdoor education, and oft partner-in-crime Andrew Breunig to publish a photo that reflects a particular theme to our respective blogs.  We have left the challenge open-ended; each month’s challenge may feature a particular subject or highlight a certain technical aspect of photography.  Because Andrew’s perspective – one that both differs and concurs with my own in so many ways – is one which I value highly, I hope that this challenge becomes a venue for a discussion in how our different perspectives shape what and how we see.

Andrew provided the first challenge, for April: photograph someone  “directly participating in their means of production.”  He has set the bar high with his first entry.  I will be publishing mine as soon as I have access to an Internet connection with the kind of bandwidth it takes to publish photos.


2 responses to “Photo Challenge

  1. What a fun idea! Andrew has some competition based on what I have seen of your photos! I cannot believe you are finishing your second year over there! Enjoy these last months!!
    Love, Sara

    • Breu has a good eye for photography – be sure to check out his work as well. It’s an interesting competition right now, as I am shooting with a DSLR, which gives me lots of technical control but is harder to deploy in everyday contexts, while he is using an iPhone, which gives him less technical control but perhaps a greater ability to capitalize on spontaneity.

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