Molao wa Gosupatsela

Ka Setswana: Tiro ya ka mo Letlhakaneng ke go godisa boswa. Ke ruta maths le science ko tlelaseng, le fa mogopolo wa ka ke boswa bo ithuta thata fa bo rutana, ko tlhagong. Go thusa boswa bo ka go igodisa ka byalo, ke kaela Lesupatsela mo Letlhakaneng. Masupatsela a ka a ithuta go ikaela le tshupantlha le bofa mahuto a mosola le bokgoni bo botlhokwa bo bongwe.

Ditirigalo tsa Gosupatsela ke karolo ya ditirigalo tsa Aforikaborwa: Lord Baden-Powell o simoletse Gosupatsela mo Aforikaborwa ka Second Anglo-Boer War. Masupatsela a gagwe a thusa go boloka Mafeking ka siege: ba romeletse makwalo le ba thusitse batho ba gobetse. Lord Baden-Powell o itsile gore boswa bo kgona go na botlhokwa. Ke rata leina la Setswana la Scout: Lesupatsela ke motho o supa tsela.

Masupatsela a mangwe a re tsholofetso ya lateleng:

Tsholofetso ya Gosupatsela
Ka tlotlego ya me, ke solofetsa go dira ka natlha:
go tlotla Morena le go dira molemo mo setshabeng;
go thusa batho ka nako tsotlhe;
le go obamela Molao ya Gosupatsela.

Molao ya Gosupatsela
Tlhompo ya lesupatsela ke go tshepega.
Lesupatsela le ikanyega.
Tshwanelo ya Lesupatsela ke go nna botlhokwa le go thusa batho.
Lesupatsela ke tsala ya ba botlhe le abuti wa Masupatsela a mangwe.
Lesupatsela le tlhompa batho botlhe.
Lesupatsela ke tsala ya diphologolo.
Lesupatsela le obamela dikaelo.
Lesupatsela le nyonya le go letsa molodi fa go na le mathata.
Lesupatsela le dirisa ka tshomarelo.
Lesupatsela ke go na phepha mo tlhaloganyong le momafokong le ditiro.

Seane sa Gosupatsela


Ka Sekgoa: My responsibility in Reed Holler is to develop youth. I teach math and science in the classroom, though it is my opinion that youth learn more when they teach each other, in nature. To help my youth develop themselves in this way, I lead Scouting in the village. My Scouts learn to guide themselves with a compass, to tie useful knots, and other valuable skills.

The history of Scouting is part of the history of South Africa: Lord Baden-Powell began Scouting during the Second Anglo-Boer War. His Scouts helped to defend Mafeking during the siege: they delivered messages and helped injured people. Lord Baden-Powell knew that youth can be useful. I love the Setswana word for Scout: a Scout is the person who points the way.

All Scouts make this promise:

The Scout Promise
On my Honour, I promise that I will do my best:
to do my duty to God and my country;
to help others at all times;
to obey the Scout Law.

The Scout Law
A Scout’s Honour is to be trusted.
A Scout is loyal.
A Scout’s duty is to be useful and help others.
A Scout is a friend to all and a brother to every other Scout.
A Scout is courteous.
A Scout is a friend to animals.
A Scout obeys orders.
A Scout smiles and whistles under all difficulties.
A Scout is thrifty.
A Scout is clean in thought, word, and deed.

Scout Motto
Be prepared.


3 responses to “Molao wa Gosupatsela

  1. You’re a pretty cool dude, even if you are bilingual (gross). Just got your letters, and am currently writing back. I figure I’ll do it by e-mail considering the fact that our correspondence took almost a year for 1 back and forth. Finish strong my friend.

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