Panorama Route: Drakensberg Flora

Graskop. Panorama Route, Mpumalanga. South Africa.
April 2012.

An unidentified flower catches the last of the day’s light in the Drakensberg Escarpment. With a geography that spans the Tropic of Capricorn in the north to the stormy southern latitudes, South Africa encompasses many floral regions: the subtropical, semi-arid bosveld of the Transvaal; the mediterranean fynbos of the Western Cape; tropical savanna of Limpopo; the montane grasslands of Mpumalanga. South Africa is home to 22,000 plant species, putting it in the league of megadiverse countries like Brazil, Indonesia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Third in a series on the Panorama Route – named for its breathtaking vistas – around Graskop, Mpumalanga, near South Africa’s border with Swaziland.


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