Panorama Route: Late Afternoon Outside Graskop

Graskop. Panorama Route, Mpumalanga. South Africa.
April 2012.

In the South African province of Mpumalanga, the Drakensberg Escarpment drops sharply to meet the hazy lowveld of Kruger National Park. The landscape here – wide plains of grass and open woodlands of pine and eucalyptus, and high, rocky mountains rising above deep sandstone canyons cut by whitewater – bears a unexpected resemblance to the mountainous plateau of Wyoming’s Yellowstone.

First in a series on the Panorama Route – named for its breathtaking vistas – outside Graskop, Mpumalanga, near South Africa’s border with Swaziland.


4 responses to “Panorama Route: Late Afternoon Outside Graskop

  1. This is absolutely beautiful.How far are you from your village here? Also loved the recent portrait that you posted.

  2. Howell,
    This is a beautiful photograph and description! Thank you for sharing! Our family is just back from the Pacific Northwest where we traveled to Mt St Helens and Olympic National Park before going into Canada. Loved the cooler weather and the scenery was striking. Question…how do you get 200 miles from your village? Do you have access to a car?
    Nancy J

    • Sounds like a great trip on the West Coast!

      This is a photo from my April holiday. When we take leave, we get around using rental cars, trains, and flights, but mostly we use Greyhound and minibus taxis. South Africa’s tansportation infrastructure is pretty well developed (just don’t ask my brother about the potholes – still a sore subject). As much as we grouse about the crowded, rusty taxis (also known as khombis), we’ve become pretty adept at using them. Because we usually travel in large groups, we often manage to strike a deal with the khombi driver to hire him out for a day.

      Because travel on the khombis is slow, I don’t travel much except on Peace Corps business outside of school holidays. I make the 40-km trip to town once a month or so to grab some beers with fellow Volunteers and stock up on staple groceries.

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