Bare Feet and Shiny Shoes

Learners are required to wear uniforms from grade 1 up at South African schools. Uniforms at most schools are pretty simple: grey or black slacks for boys and grey or black skirts for girls, white shirt, and patent leather shoes which, despite the dusty walk to school, remain shiny enough to see your reflection in them. As soon as they return home in the afternoon, children diligently polish their shoes, set them aside, and run out into the roads, barefoot, to play with their friends.


7 responses to “Bare Feet and Shiny Shoes

  1. They sure are cute! Glad I don’t have to polish shoes every day! What about their learning in first grade? How well are they reading?

  2. I agree with your mom…love the girls’ darling shoes! You know, it wouldn’t hurt our children to learn to polish their shoes starting in first grade!
    Nancy J

    • Kids here are pretty independent: not a lot of helicopter moms ferrying them between soccer practices. They wash their own clothes, wash the dishes, and help keep the house clean. If they want to play with a friend, they just walk to their house and play – they may or may not tell anyone where they’re going!

  3. I have some patent leather dancing shoes. If I ever get to S.Africa I will be sure to bring them. Sandy

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