Seventh Installment: Reedview

A cow makes its way home to the kraal for the evening.

Reedview, North West Province, South Africa.
January – February 2012.

Seventh in a weekly series of photo essays depicting life in my host village, Reedview.


2 responses to “Seventh Installment: Reedview

  1. that poor cow, he looks like he needs something to eat. The black and white of the rain is awesome!! The children in the soccer photo, the one on the right looks like an overweight American child! Your host brother is how old?

    • 1) Yeah, the cows aren’t especially well-taken care of.

      2) I liked the black and white photo too. Thanks!

      3) Overweight and obesity are huge issues here, thanks to different cultural norms for beauty and facilitated by cheap and abundant refined starches and sugars. The staple is bogobe, a kind of stiff cornmeal porridge eaten in incredible amounts.

      4) My host brothers are 9, 15, and 18.

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