Mosetlha Primary School

July 2011 / Mosetlha Primary School / Makapanstad, North West Province / South Africa

Photos from the school I worked at during Pre-Service Training in Makapanstad, North West Province.  I worked closely with the principal of the school, who also taught grade 6 maths.  Working with him was encouraging, as his classes were engaging, with students accessing prior knowledge to gain new insight, while working in small groups to solve simple geometry problems.


3 responses to “Mosetlha Primary School

  1. Always a big fan of your posts & pictures posted here…..miss you at the Day School. It’s definitely weird with two of our best teachers gone this year, especially as the year winds down and we finish up our exams (it’s Wednesday as I write this, and tomorrow is our final exam…science.)

    Anyway, hope everything is like… well with you (notice that I used one of your pet peeves on purpose) and you’re enjoying your experience on the other side of the pond.

    All the best in 2012 & happy holidays,


    Oh, and squirrel –>

    • Hi Devin,

      Thanks for, like, writing. You sound like you are thriving. Good luck with the rest of exams and keep up with the blogging. I have kept up with your writing some, and let me say I am impressed. You will learn a lot keeping that blog of yours. Keep sharing your ideas; you have some great ones. I especially enjoyed your post the conflict of monetizing blogging and the aesthetic of keeping it simple. I am eager to see where you take your writing.

      Happy holidays; say hello to everyone for me. Although I am having a great set of experiences with Peace Corps South Africa, I miss the Day School heaps.

      Mr. Burke

      • Thanks for reading my site as well :) exams went (fairly) well and I’m hanging out in the cold, but beautiful Arizona (on vacation)…. I’ve been blogging for a while now and am working on taking it into the semi-professional space, meaning that I’ll be starting a new blog that focuses on the “serious” stuff entirely… something like Mr Harrelson’s (awesome site..must read).

        Miss you at the Day School & happy holidays!


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