Re kopa go tshwera!

August 2011 / Makapanstad, North West Province / South Africa

Girls all over the world love playing with each others’ hair.


4 responses to “Re kopa go tshwera!

  1. Have loved the pics. Missed you Thanksgiving. Hope you found some turkey somewhere. Enjoy your time in Pretoria! Cathy

  2. Howell…as you can see…girls everywhere think about their hair…a girls’ hair is important! A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you! Thought about your family and you as we were at Lake Toxaway for the week. The leaves were pretty much history…but, beautiful weather for the most part…and a relaxing week for all. Well, almost all…Kathryn has a huge project due today. I’m looking forward to next year when for the first time in many years no one will be in school and no homework project can impact our family time at Thanksgiving!!
    Nancy J

  3. @Cathy – a bunch of neighboring PCVs gathered at the home of a PCV couple in their 60s for the weekend (we couldn’t get leave for Thanksgiving Day). My request for “African turkey” (a.k.a. ostrich) was overruled and we special ordered two turkeys from NC and had dressing, sweet potatoes, rolls, and pies to go with it. Everyone had a great time.

  4. @Mrs. Jungman – Thanksgiving at the lake sounds wonderful. I always love the mountains in winter – winter lays bare the curve of the land that summer’s abundance conceals. Winter in the mountains has a certain disquieting stillness to it.
    And the kids here are FASCINATED by the straight hair makgoa have. Fascinated.

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